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Ricki Covette: Glamazon @ 6'8" #Burlesque Stripper

Burlesque Babes presents all 6' 8" of the lovely Ricki Covette.

Born in Canada in 1933, she was big in the Burlesque world, circa1950s and 1960s.
  • Pix and info on StreetSwing
  • She had a small part in Seed of Innocence (1981) - she played a stripper - surprise!
  • After quitting stripping, she did some TV commercials and performed in some legitimate theater road show casts. [Source

She played GYMNASIA in the 1964 touring production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Cast List here.

Here she's in the book by A. W. Stencell, GIRL SHOW: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind

Google image search pix.

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Bye Bye Bunny ~ RIP Bunny Yeager, Famous Pin Up Photographer

Bye Bye Bunny
RIP Bunny Yeager, Famous Pin Up Photographer

Bunny Yeager has passed away, at age 85. Famous for her photographs of Bettie Page and other models, she made a huge contribution to the classic Pin Up Girl photo genre.

From the L.A. Times:

"Bunny Yeager had success as a model in Miami in the 1950s, but she wanted to be a photographer. She saw her chance when she met the little-known Bettie Page, who had modeled for under-the-counter photo sets that specialized in sadomasochism.
Yeager took a somewhat more wholesome, holiday-themed photo of Page — nude except for a Santa hat — and in 1955 sent it off to fledgling magazine Playboy. "I figured because they were new they might pay attention to an amateur, and that's what happened," she told the London Telegraph in 2012.

When her work was rediscovered after so many years of little work as a photographer, Yeager was thrilled. "It's exciting to find out that I'm appreciated by so many people," she told the Miami Herald in 2011. "The phone hasn't stopped ringing. People want to see me.
"It's like my life is starting all over again.""

From Auction Central News:
"Her career returned to the spotlight in 2010 when the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh held an exhibition of her work. There was also an exhibition in Miami in 2013.
“And I still get that little tingle when I see the photos on the wall,” she said of the latter-day attention.
In her studio, Yeager kept a stash of photos no one had seen in cabinets. They will be included in a new book Yeager was finishing, scheduled for publication in September, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Yeager's first photo shoots with Page, Christin said.
“I'm still feeling like a little child and excited over everything new that comes along in my life,” Yeager said in 2013. “I don't know where it will lead to yet, but it sounds good to me.”"
Read more about Bunny:

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RIP Dixie Evans, the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque ~ Vintage #Photos

Sad news: Dixie Evans passed away on August 3, 2013, in Las Vegas. 

Dixie Evans, the 'Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque,' dies at 86

Long Beach native Dixie Evans emphasized the tease in her striptease act imitating Marilyn Monroe. She later ran a burlesque museum and remained a tireless promoter of the art.

  • From my archives, with newspaper ad.
  • There are lots of online references to Dixie Evans, including interviews and videos. Here are but a few of my picks:
  • Jo Weldon's interview with Dixie -- on Alarm Press.com
  • "Oh, my name is Mary Lee Evans. My grandmother’s name was Dixie. I always thought Mary was too bland and so I changed it in third or fourth grade. I was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Hollywood..."

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, Dixie's painted plaster bust was one of the sculptural busts of stars of the bump and grind that were on display in “Breast Defense: Glamour Girls for Early Detection” at the Fallout Gallery on Commerce Street, Las Vegas, for 2008's Exotic World weekend.

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Zorita Burlesque Stripper ~ Wedding of the Snake Dance Video ~ Vintage Photos

Presenting the exotic ZORITA.

Zorita's big promo poster.

Zorita's history is no mystery. 

Just Google Zorita, and you'll find plenty of links to tons of photos, bio info, memories, and articles. Below, I am just sharing a few.

Google Images search screen shots

Well, maybe there's some mystery... 

  • Or was it? According to Arrested in Toledo Ohio, her name Ada Brockett.
  • Zorita died in 2001 at age 85. 

Zorita's Show Bar, Miami

She toured the country, but finally made Florida her home. She was in the news there alot -- read this.  In her later years she owned a few bars in Florida.

  • Her routines would contain the use of snakes (Pythons & Boa Constrictors) as a gimmick with her most remembered routine being called "the consummation of the wedding of the snake". 
  • Fined for Indecency in Baltimore -- here.
  • She was also known for her 1/2-n-1/2 dance -- half man, half woman.
  • Zorita was in 1949's I MARRIED A SAVAGE -- here's an excerpt from the film synopsis on the Turner Classic Movie site  Alas, no copy for sale, but see the You tube video below -- weird wild stuff!!!
    "... Zorita is trying to avoid marriage to a tribal chief, but after she performs a sacred marriage dance with a python, she and Morgan realize that they love each other and escape from the village. On a beach, they build a fire, which is seen by a passing freighter. After the freighter picks them up, they are married by the ship's captain. However, Zorita has insisted on bringing her sacred snake along and, as the captain will not permit it in the cabin, she spends most of her honeymoon keeping the snake company in the ship's hold. When they arrive in New York, Morgan has trouble finding a place to stay because of the python and starts drinking. Eventually, an ex-circus performer, who does not mind snakes, lets them stay in his rooming house. Zorita warns Morgan, who has a deep-rooted fear of snakes, that if any harm should befall the sacred snake, they will suffer a horrible fate. Morgan visits a theatrical agent who is unable to find work for him, but offers to book Zorita and her snake dance at fifteen hundred dollars per week. Morgan gets drunk and returns to Zorita with the news, but she refuses to perform their sacred, ritual love dance for other people, saying that it is like asking her to go with other men. Zorita then runs away and Morgan searches for her. Later in the apartment, Morgan finds Zorita dead, her body ravaged by knife wounds. Back in the prison, Morgan tells the reporter that he vaguely remembers a policeman yanking a knife out of his hand but states that he is puzzled by what had transpired. He swears that he thought he was killing the snake as it was destroying his marriage, but when the room was searched there was no sign of it. ..."

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New York's Harmony Theatre aka Melody Burlesk Theater ~ Burlesque History

The Harmony Theatre

New York's Harmony Theatre, (previously known as the Melody Burlesk) was considered one of the greatest and most titillating burlesque theaters of its time. Located at Broadway and 48th Street in Manhattan in the 1980s and early '90s, the Harmony Theatre paid tribute to the old traditions of striptease.

From its Times Square location, featuring a T-shaped runway, complete nudity, and well known strippers and porn stars headlining each show, the Harmony was the essence of burlesque, where exotic dancing combined golden era burlesque with more sexually explicit routines.

The Harmony Theatre entertained, enchanted, and excited patrons from all over New York City. One of the longest-running strip establishments in the area, it was closed down in the early 90s during Mayor Giuliani's raid against sex in Times Square.

The Harmony Theatre lives on in the collections of Museum of Sex, where a number of artifacts that include raunchy and provocative photographs, original signage and promotional materials, as well as costumes literally drenched with the sweat of the dancers, are included in the collection.

[Please note: The Harmony Theatre Collection is not currently on view.]

I could not for the life of me find a photo online of the old Harmony or Melody Burlesk theatres.

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Burlesque Stripper Miss White Fury and Her Twin 44s ~ aka Patti Kelly / Patti Moses ~ Vintage Photos

Miss White Fury ~ tassel twirling was her specialty!


"Miss White Fury— aka Patti Kelly, but she was usually billed as “Miss White Fury and her Twin 44’s.” Her parents, Rusty and Dusty Farnham worked in Vaudeville and early radio. “Miss White Fury” performed all over the country in theaters and clubs from 1953 to 1983. Coralie Jr. was her agent, and tassel twirling was her specialty."

  • See her today: Miss White Fury appears in the new Burlesque history documentary film Behind the Burly Q
Interviewees include: "White Fury – who painted herself with buckets of paint and lit her tassels on fire." [Source]

"Miss White Fury, camera shy Blaze Starr (Governor Earl Long's mistress) and Tempest Storm (“Teaserama.” 1955 with Bettie Page) contribute poignant stories of life on the road. Economic hardships of the depression motivated many of these performance pioneers, in an era  before Woman's Lib." [Source]

White Fury, The Girl With the Twin .44s” did a flaming tassel dance that, in one ill-starred rehearsal, burned off her eyebrows. [Source]

  • See more promo photos on the Burleskateer blog, where the author tells us Miss White Fury was also known as Patti Moses.

There She Is -- On the Cover!

She's profiled in, and on the cover of, Jane Briggeman's Burlesque: A Living History [Amazon]

I remember, in the late 50s, all those burlesque joints down there. Big neon signs “Appearing Now! White Fury and Her Twin 44s!” And there’s a twenty foot high cardboard blonde with huge breasts staring down at you. -- Tom Russell

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Lady Zorro Sexy Burlesque Stripper Vintage Photos

Her real name was Sheila Alberta Bowater.

Get by with a little help from my friends...

A reader kindly posted a helpful comment to my original bio-less Lady Zorro post.

Here's the comment that led me to find out a little about Lady Zorro's hard life. On October 11, 2009, Alex wrote:
"... John Waters mentions a dancer named Zorro on page 75 of his book, Crackpot. He writes,"She'd stomp around the stage naked after removing her cape and mast, sneer at the audience with pure contempt, and snarl, 'What are you lookin' at?'
Could it be the same lady? ..."

John Waters goes on to compare Lady Zorro's looks to ruggedly-handsome actor Victor Mature. After seeing their photos side-by-side, I'd have to say he's right -- and that there must have been only one Lady Zorro!

Here are some quotes from John Water's book, CRACKPOT, which was reissued in 2003 with updates from the author. Sadly, he informs us that Lady Zorro is no longer with us. I hope her daughter does write the book that John encouraged her to write.

You can read some pages of CRACKPOT on google-books here.

In the NY Times review of John Water's 2010 memoir ROLE MODELSTom Carson writes:

An initially sprightly tour of Baltimore’s dive bars (“the good ones have no irony about them”) sets up reminiscences of two local legends: a lesbian stripper who styled herself Lady Zorro and a Native American named Esther Martin, who ran a derelicts’ bar called the Wigwam “like an iron-fisted Elaine’s.” But then both women’s grown children tell him about their upbringings, packed with hair-­raising episodes of selfishness, booze, abuse and neglect.

From reviews for the John Waters book ROLE MODELS:

Waters also talks about personalities from his hometown of Baltimore. One of them was the stripper known as Lady Zorro, whom he describes as "[having] a real rage she brought to the stage, which added a demented hostile sex appeal. An angry stripper with a history of physical and sexual abuse with a great body and the face of a man. Now there's a lethal combination...Zorro was so butch, so scary, so Johnny Cash. No actual stripping for her at that point [at the end of her burlesque career]; she just came out nude and snarled at her fans, 'What the f*** are you looking at?'".

You can find the book on Amazon -- be sure to click the Look Inside link to read the chapter on Lady Zorro (page screen shots below). -- Role Models / Amazon

She's been around the block...

Here's Lady Zorro's obituary, from the Baltimore Sun, 2-08-2001:

Sheila A. Bowater, 63, dancer on The Block
Sheila Alberta Bowater, who danced at clubs on The Block, died Feb. 1 of cancer at her daughter's home in Tigard, Ore. She was 63 and had lived in Charles Village for nearly 40 years until moving to Oregon in 1999.
Appearing as Lady Zorro and attired in a mask, cape and a wide-brimmed hat, she danced at the Oasis and the Two O'Clock Club on The Block beginning in the early 1960s.
"She was the friend of the great names on The Block -- Blaze Starr, Pam Gail and Julius Salisbury," said her daughter, Eileen Carrico Murche. "All the people on The Block knew her. When the clubs closed, her friends came back to our house to continue the party."
Before retiring in the 1970s, Miss Bowater appeared in Las Vegas and Reno, Nev., and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and London.
In retirement, she and friends followed the Maryland thoroughbred racing circuit. She also prepared meals for elderly neighbors in the 300 block of E. 28th St., where she resided.

More info tidbits from John Waters including a bizarre photo of Lady Zorro in her later years.

More memories of Baltimore's The Block -- here -- and here.

THE BLOCK, circa 1961 [Source]

Baltimore's Gaiety Burlesk sign with the kicking girl. 

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