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Miss Lilly LaMont - The Alaskan Heat Wave

LILLY LAMONT - Vintage Burlesque Dancer Stripper Photos

Just "Click the Pix" to see a larger view.

  • She is mentioned, and pictured on:
  • Le Casino de Paris
  • "... “Fievre Serpentine” the queen of “Iconic Burlesque”, Lilly Lamont who shined for a certain period... "

  • Time Magazine has an article about Russ Meyer that mentions Miss Lilly LaMont:
  • "... some of the era's reigning burlesque divas: Tempest Storm (Annie Locke); Miss Lilly LaMont, the Alaskan Heat Wave ("a socko twin pair of casabas with corralling-cleavage capable of hiding Johnny Bench's catcher's mitt") ..."
  • Lilly was in Russ Meyer's film, French Peep Show (1952)

She was married to an actor named GEORGE TIREBITER. From a bio/article about him (he's GLT) , here are some info-bits about Lilly:

"... “Hollywood Madhouse” was on the air (CBS, Friday nights at 7:30) for its fifth and final season from September 1945 through May 1946. The cast included Tirebiter’s wife, former “Vandals” star Lilly Lamont, ... "

"... in the Summer of 1946, Lilly and George split up. Lilly moved from their Toluca Lake home to Santa Barbara, where she became a long-time inhabitant of a bungalow at the El Encanto Hotel. ..."

"... In March 1950, GLT dated Marilyn Monroe and, as a result of the publicity, Lilly began divorce proceedings. ..."

"... In late 1950, Lillie denounced GLT as a fellow-traveller in order to clear her own name and make way for her comeback role in “Yesterday’s Sunset.” She portrayed Baby Heather, a psychotic former Follies star whose power-hungry understudy Eva (played by Marie O’Saint) steals the affections of Baby’s voice coach and young lover, “The Professor” (William Holden). Baby’s jealous butler (Brod Crawford) shoots Eva as she decends the staircase to the swimming pool, ending her threat to Baby’s already failed career. Released by Paranoid in 1951, this film got six nominations, but no awards. ..."

Here's a contemporary work of art at MoMA painted onto an old magazine pic of darling Lilly:

Untitled (Maria, Lilly Lamont) Dr. Lakra (Jerónimo López Ramírez) (Mexican, born 1970)
(2003). Ink, colored ink, and synthetic polymer paint on magazine page, 11 7/8 x 9" (30.2 x 22.9 cm). The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift. © 2009 Dr. Lakra

I could not find any more bio/history or other online references to any vintage Burlesque stripper named Lilly LaMont, so if you have any info, memories, or stories to share, please email me. Thanks!

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