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Sherry Britton - GREAT BRITTON

Vintage Burlesque Dancer Stripper Photos

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The Burlesque Babes Blog presents the lovely Sherry Britton.

  • From my archives.

Sherry Britton, dubbed "GREAT BRITTON", was very well-known, and had many fans and admirers. There is a lot written about her online.

One of her favorite sayings was: "I strip, but I don't tease!"


  • According to the Sherry Britton wikipedia page, she was born Edith Zack, in New Jersey, 1918 (died 2008).

    When burlesque went by the wayside due to the NYC ban in 1940, Britton turned to plays, eventually appearing in almost 40 of them. Britton also spent much time during WWII entertaining troops, for which she was made an honorary Brigadier General by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Britton was performing in Washington, D.C. clubs as late as 1958 (at or near age 40). She was barred from appearing at the 1964 New York World's Fair, because she was too risque. She instead became a cabaret singer and appeared in many theater productions. ..."



  • Sherry is featured in the HBO documentary film PRETTY THINGS by Liz Goldwyn, who collected burlesque costumes and memorabilia, and interviewed many Burlesque Babes. Here's a link to the companion book PRETTY THINGS on Amazon.


  • From a touching obit/article on Playbill.com:

    "... Once asked if she would still strip if she could live her life all over again, she said, ''Yes. But I would have a different view of it. I would know it was a steppingstone. I'd not take it so personally, what people said. I look at pictures of myself then. I should have at least known I was pretty. ..."


  • From Sherry Britton's NY Times obit:

    "... Ms. Britton was the onstage narrator of “Best of Burlesque,” a two-hour show at the Carnegie Hall Playhouse, which also starred an eye-rolling Tom Poston as the top banana, or star comedian. With poker-faced chorus girls singing off-key and rhythmically chewing gum, the show spoofed what was by then a lost art form. ..."


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