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Cindy Parker - The BABY DOLL of Burlesque

Vintage Burlesque Dancer Stripper Photos

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Today's Vintage Burlesque Dancer photos: the lovely CINDY PARKER

  • From my archives, with newspaper ads.

  • She was billed as:
  • "The Youngest Star in Burlesque".
  • and as:
  • "The BABY DOLL of Burlesque".

  • More pix from my archives.

  • I could not find any bio/history or other online references to any vintage Burlesque stripper named Cindy Parker, so if you have any info, memories, or stories to share, please email me. Thanks!
  • Cindy Parker Photo in 13x16 Frame for sale in my Burlesque Babes Shop.

See more photos and gift items of CINDY PARKER today in my online shop-- BURLESQUE BABES, with 100's of Sexy Burlesque Stripper from my huge vintage photograph collection.

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