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Angelique Pettyjohn -- Shahna in ‘Star Trek’ episode ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’

Burlesque Babes presents the lovely Angelique Pettyjohn.

According to wikipedia: "Angelique Pettyjohn  (March 11, 1943- February 14, 1992) was an American actress and burlesque queen..."

She was in several movies and TV shows -- for example:

    1965: role as Agent Charlie Watkins (supposedly a man undercover as a woman) in several ‘Get Smart’ episodes.
    See a video clip here of Angelique's performance on Get Smart.
    In her 1966 role as Shahna in ‘Star Trek’ episode ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’. Kirk is captured on a planet, Angelique as Shahna, a green-haired female warrior, falls in love with him.
Here is a You Tube video clip of her "fighting" with captain Kirk, followed by a Fan-created comic video clip that is funny, and shows more of her Star Trek scenes.

Here's a Fan Tribute clip:

Pix from my archives:

  • She has a chapter in this book: Drive-In Dream Girls By Tom Lisanti:
  • He writes: "During the remainder of the '70s, Pettyjohn concentrated on her burlesque act, which she performed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas..."

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  • Angelique #1 -- big 11x17 glossy photo print for sale in my Burlesque Babes Shop.

  • Angelique #2 -- big 11x17 glossy photo print for sale in my Burlesque Babes Shop.

  • Angelique #3 -- big 11x17 glossy photo print for sale in my Burlesque Babes Shop.

P.S. -- An "old-timer" who enjoyed seeing many of the well-known Burlesque Babes on the circuit "back in the day" kindly sent along these 2 pix of the lovely Angelique, and this comment:
"Sometimes I attended the burlesks in the 1970s. Angelique was my recent favorite stripper. She mostly appeared in a small theatre on Six Mile Rd & Woodward Ave in Detroit. -- Angelique once kissed me in 1974."

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