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Betty "Blue Eyes" Howard

Here's today's vintage Sexy Burlesque Stripper, the lovely Betty "Blue Eyes" Howard. Just "Click the Pix" to see a larger view.

Vintage Burlesque Dancer Stripper Photos of Betty Howard at the 1958 New York State Fair

She was very well known and popular in the 1950s. Famed impresario, Harold Minsky, named her among the world's top ten exotic performers, partly because she "curves in and out nicely to the tune of 40-25-37".

Betty with the legendary Vaudeville Comic Phil Silvers.

See Betty in action!

    Promo pix -- The Girl Who Has Everything!
  • Even Cuba loved Betty. She "Packed Havana Theaters 1956" -- excerpt:
  • "...She's crowd pleaser and if the response of wide-eyed audiences at the Compoamar and Marti theaters in Havana are any indication, Minsky knew what he was talking about.
    Says Betty about all this, "I like it."
    This attitude is one of the things that's made her a top-runger in the doffing for dollars department. ..."


A couple of our readers write:

"Betty Howard is my Great Aunt!!! She is my maternal grandmother's little sister (half sister, but grandma basically raised her until she left home). I think they were both born in NY but the family moved to Daytona Beach in the 1930s. Grandma ended up in Miami, Betty in Atlantic City. Grandma was always very proud of Betty and called her Betty Blue Eyes. My brother and I always have a look out for photos and movies of her, thanks for your post. Do you have original prints of her? You can contact me through our webpage (we run a record store in DC). Google "som records dc" to find it. "

There are many online references to her, but no bio/info.

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